Speaking of Seeds – A Short Rant

Speaking of seeds,  did you know that somewhere between 25 to 40 percent of the world’s supply of seeds is owned and or controlled by one company,  Monsanto?

Monsanto genetically modifies our seed supply so the seeds will be protected from the highly toxic weed and bug killer, glyphosate, also manufactured by Monsanto.   They then enforce the use of there ‘special’ seeds and the accompanying weed killer in countries throughout the world.

By now, most people reading this blog know how genetically organized plants and animals are in the same category as climate change when it comes to what people believe is scientifically credible.  You’ve heard all the facts.  You know they’re safe. They told you they were!

But are those seeds safe, really?  And who are ‘they‘?A couple of years ago I wrote a book about  ‘Cancer and Food’  For me, it was an amazing informational journey.  After researching nutrients and how they interact with our body’s systems – systems such as cell signaling, cell cycling, inflammatory responses, etc. it became brilliantly clear to me that, as amazing as science is, we still have  years of information gathering to do to understand nutrients and how they interact with our body’s systems before we can start messing with them.

As of right now the nutrients that affect our bodies, those we are aware of, consist of approximately 165 phytonutrients;  13 vitamins; 16 minerals;  4 major groups of carbohydrate;  fats such as triglycerides (saturated and unsaturated); sterols (plant and animal sterols;  phospholipids and of course all the essential amino acids ( protein building blocks) we need to form and operate the 37.2 trillion cells, give or take a few, in the human body. There are  trillions of cellular information transfers being made inside our bodies every minute of every day.

Every week, it seems, Science Journals publish reports on a new molecule just discovered that affects our metabolism and our disease progression in some way.

The full gamut of chemicals that keep us healthy or lead to disease has obviously not been uncovered by scientific research as of yet.  Maybe at some point, we will come to the realization that there is no more to discover but at this point that is not the case.

So…….what does this mean? …..Well,  remember trans fats!

If we start altering the chemicals that it has taken millions of years of trial and error to sync with our human metabolic processes what is going to happen?   Are we going to find out in another ten years that more diseases are running rampant as they did when ‘science’ discovered transfats?  Whoopsi!

Back up the train!  Before barrelling down the tracks toward more and more alterations to our food supply we need to make sure the tracks have been laid and are properly tested for safety.

I remember reading an article in a business magazine (a very well known business magazine) a couple of years ago.  The reporter was defending GMO’s.  One of the points was that the company had tested the new product by feeding it to a bunch of cows in the back pasture and they didn’t die so the product must be safe for humans.  I apologize but I can’t locate the article and in fairness, I don’t know if the cows were in the back pasture but they were definitely cows.

Science? …..Seriously?

In her book Food Politics,  Marion Nestle points out that the film ‘Food Evolution’ ( a pro-Big Food production) has several strategies:

“Instead, this film hammers hard on three out-of-context points:

     1. GMOs are safe.

     2. Anyone who thinks otherwise is anti-science, ignorant, and stupid.

     3. Organic foods are bad and proponents of organic foods are deceitful.”

Now I know that there have been a great number of experiments done to test many GMO’s apparently proving they are safe but that is my point.  How can they possibly know they are safe?

The extraordinary number of variables in any given experiment concerning our metabolic processes is so vast and in reality, so lacking in complete and comprehensive research that it is not possible to say for sure if the GMO is actually safe for human or animal consumption.

How can they possibly know that an alteration in a seed is not going to affect us metabolically?

Oh, you say but we’ve been hybridizing plants for centuries.  Yes, your right and if all they’re doing with plants is implanting genes from the same species to make the plant stronger or better in some way then fine….maybe.   But!  Is that what’s happening?…..we don’t know, do we? ….We’re not allowed to know.

To add insult to injury, we are not allowed to see either the experiments or what has been done to the seeds because all that information falls under the intellectual property rights act set by the World Trade Organization.

For a really good look at what the WTO has done to our food supply read Raj Patel’s book Stuffed and Starved.  It is a profound and extremely well-researched look at how we got here from there.

So here we are.  We’re just supposed to trust the corporate elites who are so sure of themselves and their agenda and the billions of dollars they are going to make from this agenda.  I guess they think we should be knocking on the door of their castle of self-importance begging to be allowed to be used as lab rats.

But still we ask, it’s science, right?

Let’s look at science from a different perspective.

Science like math, English, and other learning disciplines is a tool created by the human mind.  Science is a learning tool meant to establish a truth and factual evidence in the world around us.  As any good scientist will tell you even well-established truths are always open to being challenged and proven wrong….always.  We no longer believe the world is flat……at least, most of us don’t!

Science, like math and English, is as good as the brain of the person using it.  It can be used for good by proving something to be true but it can also be used to seemingly prove ideas that are less than verifiable.  Science is not a replacement for religion, it is a tool of the human mind and should be governed accordingly.   Saying you ” believe in science” and that, “all the corporate scientists tell us that GMO’s are safe so they must be”  is somewhat foolhardy.  The schills, would like us to believe the corporations with their vested interest.

The reality is that no science experiment can tell us if GMO’s are perfectly safe because we are simply not there yet and we are not lab rats.

Handing the advanced tools of biological science to corporations is like giving the keys for a Mazarati to an 8-year-old then after he ploughs down a couple of dozen people saying “But he told me he could drive!”

Until biological science has progressed far beyond where it is now let’s stick to what our bodies know and trust.  Let’s protect those valuable heritage seeds and those organically grown and valued seeds that offer a multitude of valuable nutrients.  Let’s not be used as lab rats.